Harvey's Point

This bookwork originated from an exibition at Auckland's Wallace Art's Centre in September 2012. The possibility of a book only became apparent to me once the work was on the gallery wall. The images in the work follow the exact layout of their presentation in the gallery. The book's centre spread shows both facing gallery walls in their entirety. This particular bookmaking process struck me as unusual but workable.The book, 26 x 20cm has 20 pages and was produced in an edition of 25 copies.

The title of the exhibition and book, Harvey’s Point, occurred to me after I received an image sent by Paul Graham, New York based British camera artist. His photograph, Harvey's Point was of the stone sign at the entrance to the hotel he was then staying at in Donegal, Ireland. Paul asked me, what was Harvey's Point.

Harvey’s Point opened up for me questions regarding the nature of perception, and temporality, how we evaluate the underlying meaning of images that confront us, and those we attempt to read. This was the purpose of this show. I presented images that ostensibly oppose one another and others that appear banally neutral. I was asking the viewer (and reader), myself too, exactly what is Harvey’s point?