Published in June 2018 by Italian publisher URBANAUTICA INSTITUTE, this 1st edition bookwork is in an edition of 100 copies, 19 x 28.5 cm, 32 pages, Cloth bound hardcover. 

Cornwall Park is part of New Zealand’s living history. Its 425 acres / 172 hectares sits at the centre of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, and wraps around extinct volcano Maungakiekie, popularly called One Tree Hill. In the late 19th century philanthropist and civic leader Sir John Logan Campbell, who was known as the “Father of Auckland” planted the olive grove on the slopes of Maungakiekie. He began producing pickled olives and olive oil many years before the olive oil industry developed in New Zealand. In 1901 Sir John gifted his estate, Cornwall Park, to the people of Auckland and New Zealand.